Friday, February 24, 2012

Documentaries - a Series

A few weeks ago I tried to make a post about my favorite documentaries.  People ask for recommendations, and it would be nice to have a place to point them, because I can't always give people a good recommendation on the spot, especially since many people are looking for different things in a documentary.

Unfortunately, it spiralled out of control quite quickly.  I couldn't even narrow it down to 20 or so, and so instead I just got a Pinterest account and started a documentary board.  When I think of good ones I have seen, I just put them on there so I can remember for the future or when somebody asks.

Instead of just listing my favorites, I figure maybe I can do a few highlight posts for people who are interested in documentaries beyond your typical TLC fare or Michael Moore propaganda.  I will organize it into some categories to look at the diversity of the genre, though I will of course only be able to cover a small portion of what I would recommend, if you have unlimited time to watch.

Here's a preliminary breakdown, I will fill it in with links as the posts go up.

1.  Errol Morris - My favorite documentarian, he deserves his own category

2.  Christians Gone Wild - Movies about fundamentalism, cults, or extremism within the Christian Tradition

3.  Art Subjects - Movies centered in some way around the art world

4.  Crazy Characters - Fascinating portraits of individuals

5.  Competition - Sports, Games, and Contests

6.  Hard Times - Movies about people in tough situations

Hopefully that will give people an idea of some movies worth seeing, based on what they may be interested in.  Maybe it will demonstrate what I love about the format, and why I think it deserves more recognition that it has previously received.  Some movies I love will be left out because they don't really fit into the above format.  Oh well.  There's plenty of good stuff in here to get somebody interested, so I figure that's enough.

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