Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jesus and Anarchy: Part 1

Lately in my studies I have been looking at Jesus and his relation to politics.  I have come to the conclusion that Jesus was what we would call an anarchist.  I think that our views of government today are much different than what they had back then, so the term might not bring up the right picture to the mind, however I think it fits quite well.  For that reason, I first want to clarify what I mean, and then spend a few posts backing up my position.

I believe that Jesus stood in opposition to the control of the people by the politically active forces of the time, both Roman and Jewish.  Jesus advocated an ideal kingdom with no earthly rulers, simply a direct rule of God.

Over the next 3 posts I will defend the three main points of the previous paragraph.  His opposition to Rome, his opposition to the priesthood, and his advocacy of a kingdom without rule.  Stay tuned next time for... "Render unto Caesar: Jesus and Rome".

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